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Welcome to the page of WELEK. WELEK stands for Workshop Electronics. The goal of WELEK is to give students interested in electronics some hands-on experience. This is not only for beginners, experienced electronics lovers are also more than welcome. These more experienced people can get material and help for some more advanced projects. This way they can enlarge their electronics hobby.
Warning: this information is not up-to-date!


The workshops are usually held on a biweekly basis. This is always in the Technicum (the left entrance in the building in between 'de Brug' and the 'UFO' buildings) starting at 19u00 on floor -3.


Every workshop focusses on two projects that can be built during the session. There is choice between a beginner project, and a more advanced project. This way, both beginners and advanced people can learn something at WELEK. The choice of projects will be announced beforehand on posters in the hallways and on the calendar. The electronics components required for the projects can be bought during the sessions for a reasonable price. Of course, everyone is free to make any project to their own liking during the workshop evenings. An overview of available projects can be helpful then.
Welek Projects

Robot Competition

WELEK organizes a yearly robot competition (in Dutch) next to the workshops themselves. Competitors can build and program their own small robot which can then compete against other robots in a grand finale. Nice prizes can be won for the best (and most original) entries.

Robot competition
Robot Competition 2016 edition
Overview Robot Competitions

Robot Challenge (international)

WELEK also participates in the international Robot Challenge competition. Since 2012, a team of students have built a robot to compete in the biggest robot competition of Europe.

Group Robot Challenge
Overview Robot Challenges

Information for Dutch Speakers

WELEK is there for Dutch speaking electronic enthousiast students of Ghent University. Of course this doesn't mean that you are not welcome if you do not speak the Dutch language. However, because our target audience consists mostly of native Ghent University students, the Dutch version of our website contains more information!
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